The Department of Source Studies, Historiography and Methods was organized in 1980. At first it functioned under the name of source studies, historiography and auxiliary historical disciplines. The department was headed by prof. Mirjusif Mirgadiev (1980-1991), prof. Metleb Gyulmaliev (1992-1995), prof. Eldar Ismayilov (1996-1999). Since 1999, it is headed by prof. Anar Iskenderov.

Prof. A.J. Iskenderov started teaching at the Historical Faculty since 1984. For the first time from the scientific point of view, I investigated the March 1918 genocide in the history of Azerbaijan, the study of which seemed important, and its historiography. The scientist owns more than 150 scientific works related to the history of Azerbaijan in 1917-1920. In 2005 he was elected professor of the department.

At present, Professor A.J. Iskenderov, Assistant Professors Said Aligizy, Matanet Mammadova, Senior Lecturer Maral Talibova, Ph.D. - teachers Sevinj Gasymova, Aydin Mammadov, Samir Ismayilov, Nurlan Abbasov, Arzu Khalilova and a member of the training and support staff of Kamal Mamedov. The department is an important research center in the republic, conducting research in the field of source study, historiography and methodology. At present, the staff of the department conducts research work on the topical problems of historical science and the study of teaching history of Azerbaijan and the theoretical problems of teaching history.

Scientific results of the staff of the department are reflected in such works as "Historiography of the problem of the genocide of the Turks in Azerbaijan", "Realities of Azerbaijan. 1917-1920 "(A.J. Iskenderov); "Interpretation of totalitarianism. Stalinism in Azerbaijan.1920-1930 "," Introduction to the source study "(Sh.R. Mamedova); "Mirza Kazembek - researcher of Eastern literature and history", "Educational and democratic movement in the XIX century and its historiography", "Source study" (S. Gasymov), etc. Over the past 5 years, more than 20 programs related to disciplines , taught by the department on the steps of the bachelor's and master's degrees of the faculty.

The academic discipline of a bachelor's degree

1. Research of sources

2. Historiography

3. Methodology

4. Historical geography

5. Demographics

6. Historical methods of research

7. Basics of the General Curriculum

8. Caucasian history

9. Geography of the Caucasus

10. Historiography of the history of the Caucasus

11. Source of US History

12. History of the United States

13. Methodology of Humanitarian Studies

14. Mathematical methods of the humanities

15. Ethnodemography

16. Toponymy

17. Experience of the archive

18. Teaching experience

Master's degree discipline

1. The epic "Kitabi-Dede Gorgud" as a historical source

2. National democratic and revolutionary democratic tendencies in Azerbaijan

3. A. Bakikhanov is the founder of Azerbaijani historiography

4. Manuscripts and historiography of the problem of the Turkish-Muslim genocide in 1918-1920.

5. History of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic

6. Historical meetings of Mirza Kazymbe

7. The role of sources in studying the history of Azerbaijan

8. The emergence of the historical idea in Azerbaijan in the XIX century

9. History and methods of its research

10. Philosophy of national statehood in the history of socio-political thought of Azerbaijan

11. History and its methodology

12. Education reform in Azerbaijan and the Bologna system

13. Orkhono-Yenisei Monuments are the source of the study of Turkic history

14. Methods of teaching and its trends

15. The role of museums in teaching history 16. Actual problems of historical science History and methodology of historical science


The scientific-pedagogical content of the teachers of the department

The teaching subjects

  • Historiography
  • The study of Source
  • The methodic of History teaching
  • Historical Geography
  • Historical Demography
  • The historiography of the history of Caucasus
  • The study of the Source of the history of Caucasus

The scientific directions of the department

  • The major scientific directions of the department are the problems of historiography and the study of Source the XX century history of Azerbaijan, the methodological problems of the researches in the history of Azerbaijan. There are published some research works related with these directions. The historiography of the dashnak-bolshevik genocide that was organized against Turk Muslim people, which was happened at the beginning of XX century was published as a monograph for the first time by this department.




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