After the restoration of the independence of the Azerbaijan Republic in 1991, it was started to the process of improvement of social-humanitarian sciences; accelerate of the integration of educational system of the country to the world standards, as well as in other spheres of life. Unfortunately, the subject of "the history of Turkish and Caucasian peoples" wasn't conducted as an independent one in the supremacy of the former Soviet Union; instead of it, there was taught only the history of Russia under the name of "the history of the USSR".

But recently created circumstances for that time, the identity of the origins, the strategic importance of the integration among Turkish nations made necessary the start of teaching of the history Turkish and Caucasian peoples in high and secondary schools of the Azerbaijan Republic. So in 1992, there were made several changes in the structure of Baku State University, the major University in the country, and were created some new departments here; one of them was the department of "the Turkish and Caucasian peoples".

This department was established in the basis of the chair of "the history of the USSR (Soviet period)". In preliminary period the chairman of the department became PhD, Professor, and deserved teacher Aslan Atakishiyev (1992-1994), then PhD, Professor Tahir Bakhshaliyev (1994-1999). From 1999 till nowadays the department of "the Turkish and Caucasian peoples" is being leaded by PhD, Professor, laureate of the reward of "Sara Khatun", Asmad Muktarova

The educational activity of the department

During the period of the activity, the department has achieved some essential success. The pedagogical staff of the department has prepared initial programs, methodological directions, books and textbooks, referred to the history of Turkish and Caucasian peoples, not only in Azerbaijan, but also in the area of former Soviet Union. One of initials is the book, called "The history of Turkish peoples (ancient times and middle ages)", by Professor Asmad Mukhtarova, for which the author was awarded with the prize of "Sara Khatun" in 1999. Another book, named "The history of Turkish peoples (new period)", by Professor Nisbet Mehdiyeva was presented to the political statesman of the Turkish Republic, Suleyman Demirel, and greatly appreciated by him. For bachelor degree, there were published 4 books, 10 programs, 5 methodological instructions, and 2 textbooks by the pedagogical staff of the department. After the creation of master degree at the department, there were published 9 programs, 1 methodological direction, and textbook, concerned to the issues conducted here. So, during the period of activity of the department of "the history of Turkish and Caucasian peoples", there were published 4 books, 19 programs, 6 methodological instructions, and 2 textbooks here.

The subjects, conducted at the department

In bachelor degree:

  • "The history of Turkish peoples" (at the faculty of History - in the specialties of History, Region Studies(Caucasus Studies), and Region Studies (American Studies); at the faculty of International Law and International Relations - in the specialty of International Relations; at the faculty of Philology; at the faculty of the Library Science and Information - in the specialty of library science)
  • "The history of Turkey" (at the faculty of History - in the specialty of History and Region Studies(Caucasus Studies))

In master degree:

"The history of Turkish World"

  • "Ancient states and societies of Caucasus" (professor Q.A.Aliyev)
  • "Huns" (professor I.M.Mammadov)
  • "The social-political circumstances in the Central Asia and Kazakhstan,Volga, Siberia, and the Crimea (in the XIX- beginning of the XX century)" (professor N.C.Mehdiyeva)
  • "The history of the statehood of Turkish peoples (ancient times and middle ages)" (professor A.I.Mehdiyeva)
  • "The cultural problems of the world Turks" (professor A.M.Atakishiyev)
  • "The culture of Turkish peoples (in XIX - beginning of the XX centuries)" (professor N.C.Mehdiyeva)
  • "H.Aliyev and peace process in Caucasus" (professor I.M.Huseynova)
  • "National movement for independence of Turkish-Muslim people, lived in the Russian Empire in 1917-1920" (associated professor A.R.Goyushov)

Scientific directions of the department

  • The history of Turkish peoples (from ancient times till nowadays)

Public activity of the pedagogical staff of the department

The magazine "History and its problems", whose founder and editor is the professor Asmad Mukhtarova, is being published since 1997. "The history and its problems" that has 46 publications is one of the official magazines in the Azerbaijan Republic, recognized by the Commission of High Attestation (CHA). The preparation of the magazine is implemented by the pedagogical staff of the department "the Turkish and Caucasian peoples" and other departments of the faculty of History, the other faculties of Baku State University, the Institute of History  at the NASA and etc. The representatives of the Azerbaijan Diasporas in Turkey, the USA, Germany, Russia, Iran, and Israel keep connections with the editorial office of the magazine, which has created relations with international universe.The professor of the department, the deserved teacher I.M.Huseynova is the vise-minister at the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic. Mrs. Irada Huseynova is rewarded with the prize of "Azerbaijan flag" and "Gold pen" for her public activity; simultaneously, she is the editor of the scientific magazine "History, Human being, Society". The pedagogical staff of the department is the members of both the Scientific Unions of the faculty of History and BSU, and Methodological Union "History" of the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic. Irada Huseynova is the deputy of the chairman of this Union.

Professors A.I.Mukhtarova, Q.A.Aliyev, and I,M.Huseynova are the members of the CHA.

Simultaneously, professors N.C.Mehdiyeva and Q.A.Aliyev are the members of the State Board on Selections of Students (SBSS)

International activity of the pedagogical staff of the department

The pedagogical staff of the department participated in various conferences, symposiums, seminars, programs, and projects.

The professor of the department, Mrs. Irada Huseynova is the true member of the Pedagogical Academy of the Russian Federation and the Academy of Sciences of New-York.

The associated professor of the department, Mr. Altay Goyushov takes an active part in different programs and projects. In 2001-2004 he was the leader of the research group on Azerbaijan, in the program, called "the history of Islam enlightenment in the USSR and USI (Union of Independent States)", and realized by the Institute of Oriental Studies of Boxum University; in 2005-2007 the investigator at the French-Anatolian research center. Since Redaction Committee Member of "Central Eurasian Reader"- A Biennial Journal of Critical Bibliography and Epistemology edited in English in Paris by an international team of collaborators, and published by the Oxiana Foundation. Fondation Transoxiane with the support of the CNRS and of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Editor Stephane Dudoignon. Now by the invitation of Los-Angeles University, California (UCLA), he is conducting lectures on the "the literature and history of Azerbaijan" and "the modern history of Turkish peoples", and working there as "Guest professor"

Work on the preparation of academic-pedagogical staff and young specialists

There is going essential work on the preparation of academic-pedagogical staff and young specialists at the department. Since the establishment of the chair, there have been defended 2 doctoral and 3 candidate dissertations here. One more doctoral dissertation has been advised to the defense.

Doctoral dissertations:

  • 1. "H.Aliyev's role in the establishment and strengthening of Azerbaijan" - I.M.Huseynova (2004)
  • 2. "The development of transportation in the Northern Azerbaijan in XIX-the beginning of XX centuries" - Q.A.Aliyev (2003)
  • 3. "National struggle for independence of the mountain-dwellers of the Northern Caucasus in 1917-1920" - A.R.Goyushov (in 2000 and 2001 was presented to defense)

Candidate dissertations:

  • "The establishment of independent Turkish states in the Middle Asia and their mutual relations with Turkey (90s of the XX century)" - N.A.Mammadli (2005)
  • "The problem of skiffs in Russian and Soviet historiography (historical-archaeological research) - A.Q.Huseynova (2005)"
  • "Political relations of Azerbaijan with independent Turkish states (90s of the XX century" ) - S.F.Ruintan (2007)

Now there is going work on 7 candidate and a doctoral dissertations at the department.

The pedagogical staff also works on involving the students of University to academic research. These students write various articles and make reports in different conferences, organized by University or the Republic, as well as in seminars at the international level, go on excursions with the teachers of the department.

The scientific-pedagogical content of the teachers of the department



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