The department of the history of Azerbaijan (for humanitarian faculties)

The department was established in 1941.There was a prominent role of academic Z.Ibrahimov in its creation. Simultaneously, there was a great role of professors M.Afandiyev, S.Aliyarli, Q.Bayramov in the development of the department.

Study discipline of bacherlo degree

1. History of Azerbaijan.

2. Country studies.

Study discipline  master of degree

1. The historical problem of agrarian relations in Azerbaijan in the first half of XIX century.

2. The liberal bourgeoisie in Azerbaijan was opposed to the Soviet occupation regime.

3. Social-political processes in Azerbaijan (20th century XX century).

4. The struggle of public and political forces in Azerbaijan (March, 1917-1918)

5. Oil factor in the history of Azerbaijan.

6. The population of Azerbaijan (1920-1990)

7. Fight against the Soviet occupation regime in Azerbaijan (1920-1991).

8. Socio-economic development of Azerbaijan in the second half of the twentieth century.

9. The role of Heydar Aliyev in the history of Azerbaijan.

The scientific-pedagogical content of the teachers of the department

The teaching subjects

  • The history of Azerbaijan
  • The political history of Azerbaijan

“History of Azerbaijan” is the subject which studying in all faculties of Baku State University. Purpose of studying subject is in concluded that to give to student a deep knowledge on the fatherland, help him to making out in complicate and contradictory history period. To direct him objectively think and value originate in our country historical occurrence. Studying Azerbaijan History is given opportunities to follow whole history of our people from ancient times till to the contemporary times. Correctly and thoroughly discover the dark side of our history which is still closed even in our times. Deeply studying of fatherland history enable to educate to the young people in patriotism, and love to its fatherland, develop their analytical thinking.

Methods to estimate and confirm the grade student on the History of Azerbaijan: seminar lessons, individual search work, writing lecture text, paper answer on exams (for student of resident department), texts (for students of no-resident department).

The scientific priorities of the department

  • The restoration of the independence of Azerbaijan, its social-economic development and state construction
  • The social-economic development of Azerbaijan in XIX-the beginning of XX centuries
  • Azerbaijan in the period of the II Republic (the social economic and cultural history)
  • The social-economic situation of Azerbaijan in 1917-1920s



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