Qasimli Musa

Qasimli Musa Djafar oglu

Doctor of History, professor The Department of the New and Modern History of the European and American Countries
Tel:(+994) 12 439 0121

The brief biographic information

  • Musa Qasimli was born on October 28, 1957 in Yardimli
  • He graduated from high school with Honors in 1974 and enrolled in Baku State University to study History.

Education,Academic Degrees Obtained

  • Baku State University—1979: earned bachelor’s degree in History with academic honors
  • PhD Thesis—1986: The Soviet Union’s Struggle to Live in Peace and Critiques of the West German Historiography (1970s and 1980).
  • Doctoral Thesis—1992: Azerbaijan by International Cultural Relations (1941 -1991).

Work Experience

  • From 1979 to 1982 worked by special appointment as a secondary school teacher in Yardimli.
  • From 1982 to 1985 earned his post-doctoral degree from Baku State University’s Modern European and American History.
  • From 1986 to 1992 filled professor, head professor and assistant professor positions in the department of the New and Modern History of the European and American History department at Baku State University.
  • From 1992 to 1997 served in the Department of the International Relations of the Azerbaijan Republic National Assembly, while simultaneously working part-time as the department.
  • Additionally, prof. Qasimli serves as a member of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan’s Academy of Public Administration. In this capacity, he participates on the Defense Council, the Ministry of Education Textbook Evaluation Council and serves on the Academic Council of Baku State University’s department of History. He is also a member of Middle East Research Association of University of Arizona (USA), Harvard University’s Central Eurasia Research Society and the International Cadre Academy of the UNESKO of Ukraine (Kiev).
  • Prof. Qasimli has also served in a number of academic positions including: the Political Sciences Association of the Soviet Union; the Scientific Council of International Relations and History of Foreign Policy of USSR’s Academy of Sciences; vice-chairman of the History Institute at the Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences on the Specialized Doctoral Defense Council; Baku State University’s Defense Council; History Department in the Ministry of Education’s Council of the Scientific Method; and finally, as a member of the Republic of Azerbaijan’s Presidential Council of Experts on History and Political Science.
  • Currently, at the undergraduate level, prof. Qasimli teaches Modern History of the European and American Countries, the History of International Relations as well as U.S. Foreign Policy. Additionally, he also teaches the U.S. Factor in Soviet-Turkish Relations from 1960 to 1991 to masters-level students.
  • To date, Prof. Qasimli has published 16 individual and joint monographs, 57 scientific articles, nine course curricula and method papers, nine textbooks and other course aids in Azerbaijan.
  • He has published five monographs in Russia, Turkey, Georgia and Iran. Additionally, he has had 34 scientific articles published in the United States, Russia, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Romania, Kazakhstan, Cyprus and Iran. Many of his monographs have received positive reviews.
  • His books have been referenced by American, Turkish, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Georgian and Iraqi scholars. He is co-author of the book “History of the Caucasus” which was prepared for European high school students by Azerbaijani, Armenian, Georgian and Russian scholars under the sponsorship of the of European Council.
  • He has been the scientific editor of and/or written the prefaces to 20 monographs. He has also published professional critiques on 16 monographs and 9 educational methods papers.
  • He is the host of the highly acclaimed public television program “Our Planet”. He was also a cofounder and editor-in-chief of International Life magazine.
  • As a thesis advisor, he has provided outstanding tutelage for the successful presentation and defense of three PhD theses and one Doctoral Dissertation. He is serves in the role of academic advisor for numerous post-graduate and doctoral candidates. He has also participated as the official opponent to four PhD theses and one doctoral dissertation.

Area of research

  • International Relations.The Great Powers’ Policies on Azerbaijan from 1914 to 1918 and 1920 to 1922, Soviet-Turkish Relations from 1920 to 1924 and 1960 to 1991, Azerbaijan Struggle for Independence and Foreign Countries (1920-1945) and Azerbaijan and International Cultural Relations (1946-1991).
  • Participation in the international conferences, symposiums and seminars
  • From 1985 to 2008 he made speeches and gave lectures at more than 25 international academic conferences in Orlando, San Francisco and Los-Angeles (USA);
  • Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Krakow, Warsaw (Poland); Bilkent, Istanbul, Ankara and Elazigh, (Turkey); Moscow and Yekaterinburg, (Russia); Tbilisi and Batumi (Georgia); Gasimagosa and Lephkosha (Cyprus); Tahran and Tabriz (Iran); Vilnius, (Latvia); Odessa (Ukraine); Turkistan (Kazakhstan); Tallinn (Estonia); Amsterdam (Holland) and many other cities around the world.
  • Prof. Qasimli maintains academic relations with numerous foreign universities. He is staff member of the Romania Eurasia Research (Romania), Caucasus and Central Asia Research, Turan Strategic Research (Turkey) and Caucasus and the World (Georgia) scientific magazines.

Books and Scieance articles

  • The Republic of Azerbaijan in the World Meridians. B. Ganjlik Publishing House, 1992. 5.58 p.p.
  • The Azerbaijan Issue in International Relations Baku, Azerneshr, 1993. 4.2 p.p.
  • Azerbaijan in the International Relations System (1991-1995). Baku, Ganjlik Publishing House, 1996 5,5 p.p.
  • Azerbaijan and International Parliamentary Organizations (with N. Akhundova). Baku, Mutarjim Publishing House, 1996. 5,5 p.p.
  • Azerbaijan’s Foreign Policy: Conceptual Issues Baku, Mutarjim Publishing House, 1997. 7.5 p.p.
  • Azerbaijani-Turkish Diplomatic-Political Relations from April 1920 to December 1922, Baku, Mutarjim Publishing House, 1998, 7,5 pp Modern Geopolitics (in Azerbaijani). Baku, Inam Publishing House, 1999. 2.3 p.p.
  • The Great Powers’ Policy on Azerbaijan during World War I (1914-1918). 3 volumes. I volume (August 1914 to October 1917). Baku, Qanun Publishing House, 2000.15 p.p.
  • The Great Powers’ Policy on Azerbaijan during World War I (1914-1918). 3 volumes. II volume (November 1917 to November 1918). Baku, Adiloglu Publishing House, 2001. 15 p.p
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan. Baku, Adiloglu Publishing House, 2003 (with Elmira.Huseynova). 7 p.p.
  • The Great Powers’ Policy on Azerbaijan during World War I (1914-1918). 3 volumes. III volume (documents, materials, maps and photos). Baku, Adiloglu Publishing House. 2004 35 p.p.
  • Prime Ministers of Azerbaijan. Baku, Adiloglu Publishing House, 2005 (with Javid Huseynov).8, p.p.
  • Heydar Aliyev: The Road to Independence. 1969-1987s. Baku, Baku State University Press, 2006. 38 p.p.
  • Soviet-Turkish Relations from the 1960 Coup in Turkey until the Collapse of the USSR. I volume. 1960-1979. Baku, Adiloglu, Publishing House 2007, 560 p.
  • Soviet-Turkish Relations from the 1960 Coup in Turkey until the Collapse of the USSR. II volume. 1979-1991 .Baku, Adiloglu Publishing House, 2009. 394 p.
  • The Issue of Azerbaijan International Relations (1940s). Ankara, 1997, 80 p. (common) (Turkey, published in Turkish).
  • Azerbaijani-Turkish Diplomatic-Political Relations (from April 1920 to December 1922). Tabriz, Tabriz Publishing House, 1993 (Translated into the Farsi by Ali Dashgin). 7.5 p.p.(Iran, published in Farsi).
  • Azerbaijan in International Cultural Relations: (1946-1990). Tbilisi. Artanuji Publishing House, 2005. 300 p. (Georgia, published in Russian)
  • The History of the National Struggle of Azerbaijani Turks: 1920-1940. Istanbul. Kaknus Publishing House. 2006 704 p.(Turkey, published in Turkish)
  • The Soviet Union and Turkey: From Normalized Relations to the New Cold War. Moscow, INSAN, 2008. 576 p. (Russia, published in Russian)
  • Russia and Turkey: The Turkish government could not remain indifferent... –“Russkiivopros”, Prague, 2015, ISSUE 4, p.10-14. (Çex Respublikası).
  • Russian -Turkish Agreement and Moscow treaty,- History Question. magazine .Moscow, 2016, N12 (russian)
  • Sovetization of Armenia and occupired of Azerbaijan territory as armenina claim (1920-1994), Bakı: Azərbaycan Respublikasının Prezidenti yanında Elmin İnkişafı Fondu, 2016. –520 səh.
  • Territorial boundary questions at the Russian-Turkish conference and Moscow treaty– “Diplomatiya aləmi” jurnalı, 2016, №41, s.104-121.
  • Azerbaijan Independence and formalization of its foreign policy:fortification of international relation, reliable and grounding – Müstəqillik yollarında. Bakı, Şərq-Qərb nəşriyyatı, 2016, s.272-292.

State and International programs and grants

  • Summer school organized by the International Relations faculty at Ural State University in 1999. Lecture: “Azerbaijan’s Role in Modern International Relations”. Yekaterinburg.
  • Summer school organized by Plovdiv University in Bulgaria in 1999. Lecture: “Azerbaijani-European Relations”. Plovdiv.
  • Prof. Qasimli has also worked on research programs at George Mason University in Fairfax, the USA Virginia with IREX line in 200
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