Online scientific seminar in Microsoft Team platform delivered by Slovak Republic Assistant Professor Lucas Ribar


On June 1, 2020, online scientific seminar title on "Diplomatic relations between the Habsburgs and the Safavids in the XVI-XVII centuries" was held by young professor Lucas Ribar of the University of Bratislava named after Comenius of the Slovak Republic.

Rector of BSU Elchin Babayev greeted the participants and informed to participants the main purpose of this seminar and online scientific seminar and  importance of this theme.
During the seminar, presentation was made on the features of diplomatic relations between Europe and the East, the diplomatic relations established by the Safavid state of Azerbaijan with European countries, the embassies sent by the Habsburgs to the Safavids and the Safavids to Europe, and the facts of the alliance. made a speech. He informed about a number of facts found in European sources - the name of the Safavid state under different names, including Gizilbashlar, the names of the rulers the Great Safi and other facts, the visits of embassies, which are often influenced by changing political processes.

After the report, the seminar, moderated by Associate Professor Azad Rzayev, discussed research about Safavid history, different approaches to sources, the main features of the relations of European countries with the Safavids and the Ottomans.
The scientific seminar held on the Microsoft Teams platform aroused great interest.

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