On December 20, 2019 at the Faculty of History in the Baku State University held a scientific seminar on the theme "Territorial and population issues in Azerbaijan". This seminar dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Baku State University and the Faculty of History, the 30th Anniversary of the Azerbaijanis of the World: History and Demography. Head of the Department of Ancient World and Medieval History of Baku State University, Director of the Institute of History named after A.A. Bakikhanov, Academic Yagub Mahmudov, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor Kamala Najafova Mehman Abdullayev, Head of the Department of History of Azerbaijan (Natural Sciences), Professor Gudrat Ismailzadeh, Professor of Archeology and Ethnography, Head of the Department of History of Asia and Africa, Associate Professor of the History of Turkish Nations , research laboratories of the History of Material Culture of Azerbaijan , faculty and undergraduates.

Opening the seminar, Scientific Laboratory Research of the World Azerbaijanis: the Historical-Demographic Senior Research Fellow Ulduz Pashayeva gave detailed information about the 30-year history of Scientific Laboratories trends in scientific research, scientific findings, published monographs, scientific collections and scientific conferences. scientists who work and die. Academician Yaqub Mahmudova was the first to speak. He provided detailed information on the reforms carried out at the faculty during the years of dean of the Faculty of History (1986-1990; 1994-2005), the creation of new specialties, foreign language groups, and research laboratories. ETLs have created new opportunities to study the historical demographics and material culture of Azerbaijan, to carry out archeological and ethnographic experiments and to apply research to teaching.

Emphasizing that this scientific activity started at the Faculty of History is currently being continued at the state level at the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, academician Yagub Mahmudov also noted the need for the establishment of the Scientific Research Institute at the Faculty of History. Such an institution will play an important role in establishing the link between science and education, as scholars engaged in scientific research will be able to apply the results to teaching. The problems that have arisen with the involvement of outside scientists will also be overcome.

Then associate professor Mehman Abdullayev, associate professor Kamala Najafova, doctor of historical sciences Tarikh Dostiyev, Ph.D. Hijran Mahmudova, Associate Professor Saida Aligizi, Associate Professor Aydin Mammadov, Associate Professor Sitara Mustafayeva, Senior Research Associate Professor Saida Guliyeva, Leading Researcher Ph.D. Shafayat Farajov, restorer Arzu Abbasova and other speakers spoke on issues related to Azerbaijan's territorial and population issues. The reports analyzed the scientific achievements of the research laboratories for 30 years, the scientific basis for the creation of scientific laboratories as a new stage for scientific research. After the speeches, the reports were widely discussed. An exhibition of scientific publications of scientific laboratories was held at the scientific seminar. It is planned to publish the reports in the 7th issue of the collection "Azerbaijanis of the World: History and Modernity".


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