Avsharova Irada

Avsharova Irada Nizam qizi

Candidate of historical sciences. Teacher of Department of Archaeology and Ethnography
Tel:(+99412) 439-08-56

Education,Academic Degrees Obtained

  • 1983 – She graduated from the Azerbaijan Pedagogical University
  • 2005 - she defended the thesis on subject: Artistic bronze of Khodjaly-Kedabek tribes XIV-VII cc.B.C.

Work Experience

  • Since 1983 she is working at the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography by the NASA, department “Bronze Age”.
  • Since 2005 she is working at the BSU, department Archaeology and Ethnography
  • She teaches archaeology and study of museum
  • She is author of a book and 25 research reports

Selected works

  • Description of a man on bronze objects in Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages// Research investigations, XI B, 2004 pp.63-66.
  • Astral descriptions on samples of material culture in Bronze Age in Azerbaijan. The works of the Institute of History named after A.A.Bakikhanov by NASA. Vol.II, Baku, “Science” 2004 pp.56-64.
  • Description of bull on samples of material culture of Azerbaijan, International scientific conference// Archaeology, Ethnography and Folklore of Caucasus B 2005, pp.24-25.
  • Description of bull on bronze objects in Late Bronze and Early Iron Ages// Archaeology and Ethnography of Azerbaijan, B 2005 pp.62-69.
  • Ideological viewpoints of tribes in Late and Early Iron Ages// Archaeology and Ethnography of Azerbaijan №1, B/ 2006, pp.74-82.
  • Archaeological investigations in gorge Zuvandchay, Results of archeological and Ethnographical investigations carried out through 2006-2007 Baku 2007. pp. 18-19.
  • Description of birds on samples of material culture of Azerbaijan, Results of the archaeological and Ethnographical investigations carried out through 2006-2007 Baku 2007 pp.61-63.
  • Teaching programs in 2 languages (Azerbaijani and Russian) – Archaeology of Caucasus, Baku 2008.
  • About the role of the horse on some material cultures of Azerbaijan."Azerbaijan archeology and ethnography development of Nakhchivan school" The role of the Scientific Conference, Baku, 2014, p13 15. The article Azerbaijan found at the image mifoloci features, horse ancient tribes believes location shown.
  • A.A. Zeynalov, S.A. Kulakov, I.N. Avsharova. New monuments of the stone age in the Ganja-Gazakh region of Azerbaijan.Archaeology and Ethnography of Azerbaijan. Baku, 2014, p 4-22. Archeology and Ethnography Institute of the article Ganjya-Kazakh expedition, Tovuz, Shamkir, Mingachevir argued reflected in the direction of the excavation, the Paleolithic period settlement, was informed of the remains of flora and fauna.
  • Gryphons samples of ancient material culture. // Prominent Orientalist scholar, professor Aida Imanguliyeva dedicated to the 75th anniversary of "Actual problems of Oriental studies» scientific conference. Baku, 2014. s272 274.
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  • Copper and Bronze Age monuments of ceramic and metal. // "Archaeology and Ethnography of Azerbaijan" scientific publication of the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography. Baku, 2015, p 54 63.
  • Karabakh expedition in 2014 on field surveys. In 2014, in the "Results of the Archaeological and Ethnographic Studies" // Proceedings of the scientific session devoted to the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography. Baku, 2015, p. 50 -52.
  • Khojaly belts. Karabakh's archaeological heritage. International scientific conference. Archeology and Ethnography Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Baku, November 28-30, 2016, p. 53-54
  • "The bull and the dog burial grave monuments," BSU Xəbərləri2016
  • "The cult of deer" in the beliefs of the tribes of Azerbaijan in the era of the Eneolithic and Bronze Age. Fundamental and applied research: Modern scientific and practical solutions and approaches. / Collected materials of the 1 st International Scientific and Practical Conference. Baku-Uzhhorod-Drogobych ,. Ukrayna oktyabr, 2016, 49-51p.
  • "Cult of the fire" in the belief of the Azerbaijanian tribes of the Eneolithic and Vrons Age. Gilea. National Pedagogical University named after MRDrakhmanov. Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. Issue 111 (№8), Kiev-2016, s.134-137
  • Mythological features of the ancient Azerbaijani tribes in bull and dog burials.News of Baku University. Series of Humanities. İSSN 1609-0586, “Bakı Universiteti” nəşriyyatı, № 2, 2016, s. 83-90
  • The image of the wolf in the material culture of the bronze age in Azerbaijan. Scientfic discussion. VOL 1, №2(2), Praha, Czech Republik. 2016, -23-26 p.


  • “Artistic bronze of Khodjaly-Kedabek tribes” (XIV-VII cc. B. C.) Baku “Nurlan” 2007 pp.3-190.
  • Archeology of the Caucasus. BSU. Baku, 2014.
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